Development has been done on a variety of systems. Below is a small list of the types of systems which will give an idea of the types of systems we have done:

Standard Bank Achiever website
Development of the Adcock Ingram website
as well as sister sites,,,, (ASP.Net 2.0)
and (ASP.Net 2.0)
Development of the Spectrum Payroll system
for Integrity Software
as well as Simply Payroll
and Quick Payroll.
Development on Nissan website and MyNissan website. Development of the Plastiq website for Nedbank
Development on the Endangered Wildlife Trust website
Development of the Christian Action Partners website
In 2005, HP South Africa ran a Smile campaign to raise funds for charity. This website allowed visitors to upload their photos to be part of the Smile campaign. The site was developed using C# and SQL Server 2000. During the campaign, over 33,000 photos were loaded on the site.

Various in-house systems for Hollard Insurance.

A Web Service, written in C#, used to authenticate users for Nashua Mobile.

A web-based management system for Alpine Aviation in Midrand used to manage all their clients and trainees and do bookings for charters and helicopter training.

A complete Microsoft .NET website for Periscope IT and Cancer Research in London, written in C#.

A small Windows application for Car-On-Call, a vehicle rental company, used to book vehicles from travel agents.

A claim processing system using various technologies, including XML, ASP, COM+, Windows Services and SQL Server 2000 for HealthBridge. JT Software is also the preferred supplier of development services by HealthBridge for their EDIrect system.

Various in-house and public products (including the public website), of a well-known South African medical aid. Systems are used to receive and process claims, manage clients and process batches of claims to and from the mainframe systems.

A distributed ordering system, written in Visual Basic 6, used by pharmacists to order products for their businesses. The system includes online confirmations of orders, which includes multiple distributors, and turn-around times of mostly minutes (depending on the distributors capabilities). The system uses XML for the transmission of data, and clients use the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) version of Microsoft SQL Server.

A laboratory system for a research company, used to track patients and lab tests associated with them, setting up appointments with patients and managing document workflow. The system integrates with Microsoft Office applications to send e-mail, print documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

A workflow system for Vrystaat Ko÷perasie (VKB), which included the website used by farmers to manage their crops sold to the corporation.

A complete system done in Visual Basic 5 and SQL Server 6.5 for managing debt collection for an attorney's firm (which including a suite of 6 applications, handling multiple SQL databases, altogether about 30 GB in size).