Welcome to JT Software.

Here you will find some information on who we are, and what we can offer you as a client. JT Software is a partnership between Thys Brits and Janey Muller, formed on 1 March 2002. Both are highly skilled and experience software developers, with many years of practical knowledge. JT Software specializes in custom software development for corporates, including Windows Applications and web sites, either stand-alone or to accompany an in-house system. For more information on qualifications, please see the more information section, and for more information on experience, see the references page.

Experience has been gained in software development on Windows platforms, ranging from when Windows 95 was released to currently Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. We strive to offer the customer what they want, and guiding them to find the most cost-effective, user-friendly and optomized systems. Applications can be developed as Windows applications, using Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET or Visual C#, as well as internet applications, running Active Server Pages (ASP) or ASP.Net on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows .NET operating systems. Development can also be done to integrate with other applications and systems.

JT Software is also a Microsoft Certified Partner, a partnership which gives customers the guarantee of the kind of service levels to expect when doing business with us.

For more information on the Microsoft Certified Partner program, visit http://members.microsoft.com/certpartner/default.aspx